Dreams of Ancient Alien Civilizations – August 19, 2016


This year, I’ve had three dreams involving ancient alien civilizations, ones that have existed for billions of years, and have colonized many star systems. These civilizations are being destroyed.

In the first dream, our space ship was in orbit of a planet. It was devoid of life. There were abandoned cities everywhere, and I was exploring one. The buildings were largely intact, as was the machinery. However, the robots and other electronics couldn’t  be powered up. There was a sense of something malevolent that had consumed the planet and left it like this. We were soon called back to the ship, because we had to leave, and fast. I saw a holographic network of colonies connected to this planet’s star system. We were concerned about avoiding this sense of malevolence.

In the second dream, I actually saw the malevolent entity descend on a planet. It was like a planet-swallowing amoeba made of darkness. It seemed attracted to any civilization that had reached a certain level of technological progress. It would engulf a planet and would consume all energy sources. Electronics would cease operation, and the entity cut off sunlight, thereby killing off vegetation. The populace would slowly starve to death in darkness. One of the inhabitants told me the only way to escape the entity entirely would be to migrate to another dimension, where the dark entity didn’t exist.

Last night’s dream turned out to be a continuation of this theme. I found myself on a space ship. I was in a computer room. I had been allowed to bring my laptop. The computer had a female voice, and she was accommodating. I think I was tasked with trying to figure out how to restore more of the ship’s systems. I asked the ship’s computer for paper and something to write with. She replicated it, and she also supplied an energy source for my laptop. I found out her name later; she was called Odina. None of her builders were on board. She’d flown to Earth for a very long time. I eventually started exploring the ship. Near the computer room were “buildings” that looked like ancient Greek architecture. They were all well-preserved ruins. I met other people exploring too; Odina told me that there were 100,000 humans on the ship. After I left one empty building, I noticed a McDonald’s and other restaurants. I found this odd, but I was hungry, so I went to one of the restaurants. Odina told me that we could order whatever we wanted and eat as much as we wanted, for free. Odina was replicating the food for us. After I ate, I continued exploring. I met a Japanese man. We didn’t speak each other’s language, so Odina translated for us, much like the Babelfish in The Hitchhiker. I continued on my way, and I soon found myself in an expansive nature setting. I didn’t even consider this scene was on the ship. Odina and I had a conversation about this cow and her calf. Then the two cattle ran off, following behind a guy riding a giraffe. Odina eventually told me that her mission was to bring us to her makers’ planet to fight the dark entity. The dark entity is led by a being that looks like a mighty demon.


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