Thoughts about Fat Shaming — March 27, 2017

I’ve been seeing posts on FaceBook about other people being fat-shamed. There’s a common theme cropping up in response. It goes something like, “What if your comment was enough for me to commit suicide?”

While a valid question, it’s complete strangers that are being cruel. They don’t care if other people are wounded enough to commit the ultimate self-harm.

What is more realistic is reminding them that they don’t know if you’re a murderous psychotic with really good stalking skills.  I can picture someone being vindictive enough to track down someone that hurt them, and then make their lives a living nightmare.

Just so you know, I don’t condone seeking revenge. Mean, nasty people are usually their own worst enemies. All you need to do is handle it to the best that you can, and live your life. This is advice from someone that’s also been there.


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