Dream about My Rage Monster — May 11, 2017

A little background first: one time, I experienced what it was like to fly into a blind (berserker) rage.  It’s something that terrified me, like a monster in a cage, living in total darkness.

In the dream, there was this thin, blonde woman. There was also a man that used a scythe for martial arts fighting, and there was a General, with his army. They all wanted me to release my “rage monster”. I tried telling them it was a bad idea, and described the “monster”. The man with the scythe wanted a challenge, and the General wanted the fight as a training exercise/example for his men. I tried to remain passive, to keep it from coming out. But the General injected me with some kind of drug.

I transformed into something like a bone dragon. But I stood on hind legs, like a T-Rex. My skull was boxy, like a dump truck. And my forelegs were like backhoes. I defeated the scythe wielder and escaped. They tried tracking me, so I turned into a sparrow and flew back toward the base. They were still tracking, so I evaded them by turning into a hummingbird. When I reached the base, I turned invisible and started walking through refrigerators. I poisoned all of the food on the base, killing everyone.


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