September 8, 2017 — Public Service Announcement about

I realize this post doesn’t really match with the site’s current structure. However, I feel that the public must be informed about this “company.”

I was introduced to Writer’s Life through social media. As an aspiring author wanting to improve my skills, I thought I’d take advantage of a couple of their “just pay shipping” CDs–one for beating procrastination, and another for Plot development. After purchasing the plot generator, their site “glitched” and forced me to purchase the door sign. Granted, the sign was inexpensive. However, when I emailed support, one of their “representatives” claimed that these three purchases entitled the company to bill my card over $60 without permission. They claimed that this was a membership fee and that they were totally transparent about all of their transactions, which is a lie.

Another individual posted about this scam on Said victim was billed about $20. A Writer’s Life “employee” responded to the complaint with the same exact form letter that I was sent. The only differences were the amount billed and the representative’s name.

There’s no reason to waste money on their “resources,” since you can find similar material for free on the Internet. So if you are an aspiring writer, do yourself a favor and do not invest in any of Writer’s Life services. And you may want to let your other writer friends know of the scam as well.


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