I was inspired to start my own blog after my dear friend and roommate, AmberSilverHawk, started her own.

For several days, I thought about the purpose of my blog. I tend to post my dreams, thoughts, and a rare memory or two on FaceBook. I felt WordPress would give more structure and better access to the random (and convoluted) “world” between my ears.

My friends typically ask me, facetiously, if I’m “on something” to dream what I dream, and they further the joke by asking me to “share” said imaginary substance. Dreams/visions/astral projections… these have always been “normal” for me. And I tend to “hallucinate” quite vividly when I’m physically ill. I’ve referred to these “hallucinations” as “fever dreams”.

My blog probably isn’t meant for closed-minded people. You’ll likely feel like you’ve fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. It isn’t a journey for the faint-of-heart.