Dreams Involving Christianity – August 20, 2016


My first dream was back in the ’80s, when video arcades had become all the rage. I saw Jesus (in his white robes) enter an arcade. He looked around and said, “I think I’ve been away too long.”

Then during a brief stint exploring Wicca during my young adulthood, I had a dream where this man I didn’t know was driving me somewhere. He asked me why I was studying that faith. I said, “Freedom,” and morphed into a dragon. I flew off over a forest, and that was the end of the dream.

In another dream, I felt myself float down. I felt like I had gone to Hell. The scenery didn’t look like it though. I found myself standing on a flat plain, with cool, moist soil. The air was comfortable. There were grasses and clover. No matter where I turned, it all looked the same all the way to the horizon. I realized that there was little to eat here, and I would have to eat the clover. Well, I eventually found a four-leaf clover. Taking that in hand, I struck out in a direction and started walking. After some time, I came upon an infinitely-deep ravine, with a bridge across it. When I tried crossing, a demon appeared. He demanded payment. I gave him the four-leaf clover, and he let me pass.

Then I had a dream where I was walking in my childhood neighborhood. I turned the corner and suddenly found myself being swept away by a flood. I bobbed along with the wooden debris, until I reached a distant hill. When I crawled out of the water, I saw a sign that read “Heaven – 7 mi.” So I started following the road. I came to a clearing, surrounded by woods. In the clearing, there was a boxing ring. It seemed to be some sort of staging area for something. Then I noticed a man floating down next to me. It was George Burns, puffing on his cigar. I said, “You must be an angel.” He replied, “I’m an angel or a devil, depending on your point of view.”

I had another dream of being in Hell. And this time, the scenery was lava and flames everywhere. The air still felt comfortable. But the real “Hell”? That was inside me, all of the anger that I felt. A male voice told me, “Mia, you don’t have to be here. You can choose to leave at any time.” So I chose to let go of my anger, and I flew away.

Yet another dream involved being told what types of people go where when they die. A male voice told me, “Those that think they deserve to go to Heaven wind up in Hell. But those that think they’re unworthy of Heaven get to come home.”

Then there was this one time that I was walking down stairs on a hill. A vampire stopped me. He was suave and charming when he bit me. Once he drank his fill, I was allowed to go on my way. Then another vampire stopped me. When he bit me, he intended to kill me. I could feel the malevolent intent. I managed to escape. Somehow, I found a crucifix as tall as I was. I was swinging it around like a flail, attacking the swarms of bats that had descended upon me. Another vampire with ill intent tried stopping me. I bashed him flat with the crucifix. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, another friendly vampire tried to coax a drink from me, but I didn’t trust vampires at this point.

Now for another couple of Jesus dreams.

In one, I saw Jesus walking around with a black stick umbrella on the outskirts of a desert town. Suddenly, he was surrounded by ninjas. Using the umbrella, he was able to knock out all of his opponents.

The other one was quite fanciful, but an actual dream I had. I was a “crone” living in a cave out in the desert. Jesus had found a magic spear, and he needed help to go East to find out how to use its magic. He brought the spear to me. I turned into a giant red dragon, and Jesus stood on my head. As we flew together East, he struck a pose on my broad head, as if he were going to throw the spear. I’m not sure, but I think the spear point was golden, with some kind of etchings.

I’ve also had a couple of angel dreams. And they were nothing like “Touched by an Angel”.

In one angel dream, this rather tall, powerful man, held a normal-sized man out of a window. The angel dangled him out of a 15th-story window by his neck. The “vibe” I sensed from the angel was, “You must be punished.” This feeling was directed at the man that he held.

The other dream showed Trump on stage, giving a speech to his constituents. A female angel appeared above the crowd. She was tall, thin, and clad in golden plate mail. Her wings looked like fire. She pulled her sword from its sheath; it was enveloped in flames. She flew straight for the stage, and in one stroke, she decapitated Trump. His head rolled a little on the stage, and that was the end of the dream. I believe she was an angel of God’s Wrath.

I also have a vague recollection of a dream where t-shirt wearing tourists were riding donkeys in the Middle East. Then the scene changed, and this truck driver picks up this little boy that was hitchhiking. There was something evil about the boy. I suddenly had a “sense” that the boy was the Anti-Christ, and that the truck driver was to become the False Prophet. Talk about seeing unexpected harbingers of darkness. No one would expect a couple of unknowns like that.


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