Thoughts about “Political Correctness” — January 31, 2917

The term “political correctness” wasn’t used much, if any, when I was growing up in the 80s. Back then, we called “political correctness” by something else.

We knew it as “good manners.” We were taught certain things were unacceptable to say and/or do.

What I really want to know is: Why do certain Americans hate “good manners” so much? Why is it they protest when others tell them that they are exhibiting “bad behavior?” Were you people not taught this stuff growing up? The real scary part: these same people behaving badly grew up around the same time as I.


A Strange Mix of Dream Fragments — January 6, 2017

It’s taken most of the day to recall these bits and pieces. Watching Netflix has triggered these dream fragments.

In one fragment, I was sculpting “rings” out of modeling clay. I was obsessed with getting the “rings” a certain size with flattened “ropes” of yellow clay. Some pieces of clay were difficult to shape. Looking at my clay table, I realized that my old characters had been dismantled. I couldn’t remember if Dad or I did the deconstruction.

I then went outside. I met a man that was a friend. He showed me a note that he had just found. It was written using Futhark runes. My friend had translated it. The note had been for us, written by a comrade that was stuck in a live RPG in the distant past. We had to find a way to get back to help.

Dream about the Media — January 3, 2017

In this dream, I had a multi-trillion dollar fortune, and I owned all of the media. I was on the phone, telling each outlet, “From now on, you report facts only. No opinions. No sensationalism.” I was paying a visit to one location, I want to say it was the brick and mortar location for “The Sun”.

I was walking around the building. Next thing you know, different E.T. ships were landing. One was like a pyramid, and another had caterpillar treads. I surrendered to that ship. The different races piloting each ship were smaller than grey aliens and seemed so child-like.

They all wanted to meet with me for a peace dialogue. Some control-freak man tried butting in, but we all told him to back off. Each race representative was giving me a token from each of their cultures. 

One of the aliens gave me what resembled a flint/obsidian arrowhead, but it was red. The representative told me that the arrowhead was pretty useless in her society. She said it purifies contaminated/polluted water. I said we needed such a thing desperately.