Dream about Computer Realm — December 29, 2016

In this dream, I had the sense that I was in a computer realm. It had mechanics like MineCraft, but it looked like real life.

I started in a “restaurant” run by a male player. I was the only employee. I remember being obsessed with cleaning, even while we had one table full of customers. I had a “falling out” with the virtual restaurant owner.

I teleported to an empty floor in the building. I sensed that other players were headed my way. I hurriedly turned the walls and doors into “unbreakable” materials, which I thought was steel. I was unable to lock the doors in time. To escape, I spawned these black puddle-like “holes” that would teleport the other players to a lower floor. I teleported to a higher floor to escape. I quickly established a small “safe room,” and was later able to go back to the previous floor to make a very decorative space.

I was also afraid that my “hacking” of the game would get me banned from the server. What they didn’t know is I hacked my account and gave myself “money” without paying for it. So I paid the server admins, and they overlooked my shenanigans.


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