Shadow Demon Dream – December 11, 2016

This was a lengthy dream set near my childhood home. It was night, and I was wandering the neighborhood. I saw a shadowy figure; when the face “popped” into view, it was a man’s face, twisted by a demon. I sent it away by calling upon the power of God and Jesus. A male voice (I thought it was my Dad) asked me about my belief in their power. I answered that their power is good against lower demons. Higher demons have to be decapitated with a sword.

I continued wandering. I saw a shadowy figure projected on a green, metal box on someone’s porch. I tried attacking it with a sword, but it seemed to be painted on. The owner of the house must have called the cops, because I could hear them coming. I went to another yard to “hide” behind short, rounded hedges. I teleported to my childhood home.

Apparently, I was familiar to the cops, because they came to my home when they didn’t find me in someone’s yard. I don’t know how they got in, but the cops came in. I hid by turning invisible and shrinking myself.

Then some guy I don’t recognize tried following me. I’d teleport, and he’d follow. So I teleported to places in Dallas, TX until he gave up.

There was another incident, where I faced a higher level demon. I turned into an angel and used a sword to vanquish it.


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