Thoughts about Rape – September 27, 2016

I read this article about this female author’s new book called (I think) “Fight like a Girl”. In the article, she says that some men see women as “rubbish”. I felt there was a decent tie-in regarding some males’ views about rape.

When you look up “rape,” you find that it’s deemed a “violent act” where the victim is forced into a sexual act against the victim’s will. There is no legal “she shouldn’t have dressed like that,” “she shouldn’t have been there,” or “she shouldn’t have consumed substance X”. There are lawyers (and judges) who think otherwise, but they’re flat out wrong. 

When you look up “rapist,” you find out rape isn’t about sex all that much. It’s about power, domination, and/or control. Or to explain a “rapist” in a simpler light: he’s someone that “can’t get it up” like a normal man.

Some rapists use substances to coerce a woman into complying. The most commonly-used substance is alcohol. Yes, guys. Getting past a girl’s defenses like this is still rape. Using any means to get sex from an unwilling partner is still rape.

Really. Seriously. If you want sex from someone, put some actual effort into it. I don’t mean lie or use other coercive means. I mean, get to know the person. Date for a while. Spend at least 6 months to a year together. 

Trust me. If I can survive most of my 44 years alive without sex, then so can you.


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