Thoughts about “All Lives Matter” – September 24, 2016

I ran across this meme on FaceBook today:

Yes. Syrian refugee lives matter. Most of the people in Syria are honest, hard-working individuals, that are finding it very difficult to survive in their own country. And no, they’re not all Muslim. There are also Christians among them.

The old Ten Comandments that I read as a little girl said absolutely nothing about lesbians and transgenders. Actually, gays aren’t even mentioned in the Ten Comandments either. I know later in Leviticus, it has this rather obtuse law about “a man shall not lie with a man as he would with a woman.” If God really wanted to outlaw gay relationships, wouldn’t “no sodomy” make more sense? Besides, Jesus was pretty clear on this: “Love thy neighbor.” He gave no exceptions. So if you believe in obeying Jesus, then it’s way past time you stop picking and choosing who you should care about, because a good-hearted person cares about others. Even those that are “different”.

You say “unarmed black men should comply?” Cripes! I’ve seen news reports where minorities have complied, and the cops beat the snot out of them! Compliance does not guarantee safety when around poorly-trained, greenhorn cops. There are so many of them that are ignorant about the laws that they enforce. And there are those that totally suck at dealing with the public.

The food stamp/assistance issue: Being poor is not a crime punishable by inhumane starvation! For the record, many states do limit assistance programs. If a person is still on some kind of program, it is due to still meeting legal guidelines. Let’s take my disability case. I was allowed to keep food stamps going, because the Federal government says people who have been declared disabled by trained medical professionals can get it. The other thing to consider would be my income. Since it fell under national poverty guidelines, I qualified. That’s the important thing to remember: all assistance programs are extremely regulated. And it’s not easy to get on assistance either.

Religious faith/no faith: If your God meant for only your own church’s version of Christianity to be the only “true faith,” then everyone would believe the same. They, ideally, would see just how “good” your church’s version is, and convert. After all, who doesn’t want to be a part of something “good”. Maybe because these “outsiders” can see the bad things being taught, bad things they don’t believe is right tone taught.

As far as the phrase “All Lives Matter” is concerned, there’s only one intended meaning. Only rich, straight, white Christian American man lives matter.


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