Thoughts on Dr. Phil’s “Get a Job” – September 20, 2016

One of my cousins just shared this meme:


And this is from a cousin who is disabled herself. So yeah, you can imagine I’m just a tiny bit pissed off about this tacky comment from someone that pretends to care about others.

I’ve worked since 1996. I’ve paid my taxes. Since I was declared disabled in 2014, I have received SSI. That money comes entirely out of my own Social Security, and no other taxpayer pays for that dribble of income. When I say “dribble,” I mean roughly $600 a month. Ratty apartments in major cities cost more than that, and that doesn’t cover bills, utilities, food, or transportation.


Do you think only minorities or drug addicts are on this list of “people that don’t work and produce”? Think again. Single mothers are on the list. Veterans too. And then there are people like me that suffer from schizophrenia. We can’t “work and produce,” because too much stress means we can wind up going postal. That’s not good for other coworkers.

So… What, are we supposed to be forced to line up at a long ditch and be massacred because some prominent mouthpieces (ahem… Dr. Phil) say we’re “worthless”? That’s sure how we’re treated. Are these people even human inside? Cripes! Even four-legged animals have shown more compassion than some humans show each other! You’d think a well-known person like Dr. Phil would care about unfortunates like myself. He’ll never know what it’s like to be poor and unable to work.

We really need to start holding these talking figureheads accountable for spouting such heartless nonsense. One person can’t change the world. But a large enough group of individuals can.


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