Thoughts about “They’re Going to Take Our Guns!” – September 19, 2016

Every political cycle, there’s always someone claiming that the politicians are going to “take our guns!” Yes, we’ve had isolated incidents where government tried to force registration of guns. And there was a case where guns were taken from homes after Hurricane Katrina.

There are plenty of Americans that have weapons caches hidden in the hopes that the government won’t find them. So even if the weapons at home get confiscated, there’s a backup out there somewhere.

And then there are the people that have put up information on how to make homemade firearms. If you’re curious, Google is your friend. So is YouTube. Even the government has printed books that tell you how to make homemade munitions.

I’ve heard, “Just make the bullets really expensive. Who’s going to want to shoot someone else if it’s $500/round?” Uhh… Ever hear of a thing called “reloading”? This is a process where you take the spent brass, punch out the used primer, etc. until you get a reloaded round. If you practice at the range, it’s not unusual to reload brass. Initial setup is expensive. But when you’re looking at $20 – $60 per box of rounds, you do wind up saving money in the end.

You know what’s sought with attempts at gun control? It’s meant to keep criminals and the mentally ill from purchasing firearms from merchants. It still fails to prevent private sales. Or theft.

Where do I stand on “gun control”? I favor concealed carry permits. I’d like to see a national license that is recognized in all states, much like a driver’s license. If you can pass the FBI’s scrutiny, then by golly, you should be able to get a gun. And yes, learning proper firearm safety is a good thing too. Learn how to shoot it, when not to shoot it, how to take it apart and clean it, then put it back together…

And yes, I would consider myself a “Liberal”.  And I used to be terrified of the dang things. Still, I read books about concealed carry, including the different “rules” about when it’s okay to defend yourself, and when it’s not. I also learned non-firearm self-defense techniques, because there are situations where you’re legally toast if you whip out a piece and shoot someone dead.

So, in truth, please calm down. It’s plain impossible for the government to “take all of the guns”. There’s always going to be someone out there making their own, for instance.


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