Thoughts about Drug Overdose Deaths – September 19, 2016

One of my so-called FaceBook friends had the gall to have pictures about some poor soul that had overdosed on drugs at a Dunkin Donuts. What really sickened me, the comment maker says that these people should just go somewhere private and just die of their overdoses. Why waste money reviving them, when they’re probably not going to get the help they need later? That’s the line of thinking there.

News flash: I have made three drug overdose attempts in private. All attempts were suicidal in nature. The first two attempts, I just tried taking a fistful of Benadryl. The last time, I tried a fistful of Benadryl and a bottle of wine. As you can clearly see, none of my attempts killed me.

Like anyone that needs help, I had to admit I had a problem. Then I had to find where I could go to get the help I needed. It’s the same way with these other people that overdose.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s a “waste” to help someone that overdoses, you’re a sad excuse for a human being.  You may look human, but inside you’re a demon. No truly compassionate human being wishes other people to die. And you can’t know what’s driving someone to overdose. Maybe it’s simple drug addiction. Or maybe it’s suicidal tendencies.

Seriously, you say you want someone who overdoses to just die? What about when Life body-slams your backside into the pavement? How strong will you be when Life parks a semi on your chest and laughs at you? Just how tough do you think you’ll be when you feel trapped, hopeless, and alone, with no way out?

I’ve been there. It sucks to no end. But unlike you, I’m not going to wish you to die if it’s ever your turn to experience what I’ve been through. I hope you get the help you need instead.


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