Thoughts about Kaepernick – September 16, 2016

Okay, this article is what got me all bent out of shape last night: Entire 49ers Team Just Learned Some Bad News From Police After Refusing To Cut Kaepernick.

If you read the article, the local police force is wanting to refuse to volunteer as security because of Kaepernick taking a knee during the Anthem. It also states that the officers that serve as security get to watch the game for free. That’s right. Ingrates in uniform are complaining about watching free football; something that fans have to shell out a pretty penny to watch. I have an idea! Let’s kick the cops to the curb and put private security on the stadium. Jack the ticket prices up even more and make the cops pay to watch like everyone else!

One officer says “Kaepernick’s actions are creating a hostile work environment.” Dude! You’re a cop! Your job is a hostile work environment every dang day! It’s always been hostile for cops. Just go back and review the Prohibition days, or when drug lords had armor piercing rounds. If you think being a police officer is an “easy” job with no risks, you don’t need to be one.

So what did Kaepernick do that was “so bad”? He sat on his knee when the National Anthem played. That’s all. He didn’t desecrate the flag. He didn’t take part in violent mob activity (which is what these marches sometimes devolve into). Kaepernick didn’t rob, rape, murder, or commit genocide. But people sure do act like he did all of that and more. All because he refused to “follow the crowd” and peacefully protest.

You know what? He’s right. Minorities are being shot dead in the streets, whereas white boys get taken alive. Look at all of the recent mass shootings that were done by white guys. They weren’t gunned down like dogs. There’s a night and day difference here, folks.

Plus, my Dad served in Vietnam. He was a Jehovah’s Witness. He could have gone to jail in protest, but he felt it was more important to protect our freedoms. And Kaepernick got to exercise one of those freedoms that men (and women) have given him. My Dad would gladly tell you that Kaepernick can do what he did, because Dad risked his life so Kaepernick (and other Americans) can exercise their rights to free speech and the freedom to peacefully protest.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops watching Kaepernick take a knee actually wanted to storm the field and beat Kaepernick senseless. But it would have proven his point. And there would have been too many witnesses. You know why I think they wanted to? Because that’s what us Americans do to each other when someone doesn’t “follow the crowd”. And that’s all this amounts to: people upset because one person didn’t do what they expected him to do.

And while we’re discussing shootings, why aren’t our cops being held to the same standards as private citizens? In certain states, you aren’t allowed to shoot someone dead unless the person breaks into your home and is coming toward you. Shoot them in the back? You’re toast. Shoot them outside? You’re toast. No. Private citizens have to learn how to apply different levels of force. Cops? It’s either tackle or kill. Why is it private citizens can learn hand-to-hand combat, how to disarm someone wielding a weapon, or use other non-lethal self-defense methods, while cops can just go out and shoot someone because they “think” they perceive danger?

You know, I had this one noise complaint where I called the cops in Farmers Branch, TX. They sent their idiot blonde cop. I answer the door, raking a nail file over my fingernails because they’re crappy. I’m crying my eyes out. My posture shows no sign of anything other than depression and the feeling of defeat. What does the cop do? He backs away like I’m going to freaking shiv him! Idiot couldn’t read body language, even when it involves the whole freaking body! What did he ask me instead? “Have you taken your meds? Maybe you need to up the dosage?” Incompetent boob! Psych meds are not Tylenol! It takes a month for a new dosage to have any effect! Yet this donut-muncher wants to pretend he’s a doctor and a cop? He’s not fit for either!

Over the years, I’ve dealt with three different police departments. The ones in Paris, TX and Farmers Branch, TX seemed to be rife with cops that were just there to collect paychecks. I remember one event in particular where I had a noise complaint and the cop was, “Well what do you want me to do about it? I can’t arrest them.” Gah! I don’t want you to arrest them! I want you to pull out your little book of citations and write a ticket!  But noooooooo! The cops in both towns refused to write any tickets. They consistently refused to do anything about harassment!

I could go on for a long time talking about my experiences as a single white woman living in the South, and being ignored because the entire region still believes in the idiotic “Good Ol’ White Boy” clique. Why, the few times I was taken seriously involved female police officers! The parade of men in uniform should have been a flipping fashion show!

We the taxpayers need to demand our money back until the police departments shape up. The cops are supposed to know the laws that they’re enforcing, and what level of response is appropriate for the given situation. But all I’ve experienced is one competent dog catcher and two police forces that would have been better dressed as clowns!


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