Thoughts about “Get a Life” – September 15, 2016

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me to “get a life”.

Think about who you’re saying this to, just a moment. You’re telling a bookworm that’s traveled some, has lucid dreams/astral travel on a regular basis, and who has many fandoms to call “home” to “get a life”?

Do you mean, “go get some sex” or do you mean “go out and party”? My dream self gets plenty of sex. I should open up a freaking porn shop if I could just download the crap from my brain to disk. (Like this dream I had recently about being in my childhood home, and it slowly filled up with sleeping naked men… but I digress.) And I have no use for partying. Never have. My idea of a “good time” away from home is visiting a coffee shop several times a week and visiting with a friend or two.

I’ve seen the Colorado Rockies numerous times. I went to Yellowstone back in the 80s, before the huge forest fires. We went to California for lottery tickets, and on the way back, we blew the fuse to the A/C in Death Valley. I’ve been gold panning in Colorado. I’ve seen the Royal Gorge, with a plethora of whitetail deer wandering the highway looking for handouts. I hiked to the top of Seven Falls. Dad and I had gambled in Laughlin, NV and Las Vegas, NV. We also gambled in Shreveport, LA and Vicksburg, MS. I’ve witnessed a valley full of clouds from Skyline Drive, which we started in Oklahoma and ended in Arkansas. I vaguely remember a trip to Branson, MO as a little girl.

More recently, I was invited to join friends in Italy, back in 2010. Our first stop was in Venice. My then roommate and I got separated from our friends on the ferry; good thing I was there, because I remembered what the train station looked like. And I’d never been there before, so figure that one out. Then we spent some time in Florence the next day. Beth showed us her favorite jewelry shop: Vaggi. I saw this coin purse made out of silver chainlinks. The rest of our two weeks was spent in Rome. We stayed in an apartment across from the Colosseum. We visited the Spanish Steps. We sat in a piazza where the artists worked. Street performers were everywhere. We saw the Vatican. There was just so much, there’s no way to describe it all.

Now on to the “bookworm”. I’ve read Piers Anthony’s Xanth and Adept series. I’ve “traveled” to a myriad of fictional worlds. I’ve read Lovecraft. My reading has delved into survivalism, herbalism, and even a few scientific topics (computer programming and astronomy come to mind). I’m a nerd and a geek; I own both proudly.

As you may have guessed by reading this blog, I dream some pretty “far out there” stuff. I’ve traveled to other planets. The Earth flew out of orbit in one, and before it froze, it was caught in another star’s orbit. There have been “incursion” dreams where Lovecraft horrors have tried entering our world. I’ve seen flashes of past lives, as men and women. Heck, there’s so much I’ve done in the dream/astral realms, I’ve practically livedĀ many lives in this one.

Fandoms. There’s a list for you. They include the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Danger Mouse, Yu-gi-oh, the X-Files… And to beat all, I usually find myself experiencing dream states in these fandoms. It always seems to be some adventure that never appeared in the series.

Now what was that again about “get a life”?


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