Dream of the Mysterious Plantation – September 15, 2016

In this dream, a woman was talking about ideas to renovate and make money from this large plantation that she inherited. The town’s mayor suggested that she just tear down the buildings and build a factory. Other people didn’t like that idea. I suggested that they try making the plantation a historical landmark, but that idea was shot down. Finally, it was decided to renovate the buildings (a mansion and some smaller residences) and turn it into a working farm. The smaller residences would be for housing migrant farmers and their families.

They did amazing work renovating the buildings. We’re talking about really ornate work with nice wood paneling, and just plain opulence everywhere (in the mansion anyway).

An accountant and this little Chinese woman went to wander the estate. They came upon a set of trees that formed something resembling a Chinese dragon.


When night came, the Chinese woman bowed to the stand of trees in greeting and reverence. The stand of trees turned into a Chinese dragon spirit, and it swallowed both of them whole.

Then this European dragon appeared, dressed like a pimp. He forced the Chinese dragon spirit to cough up the Chinese woman, because “We like her. She’s Dragon Lady.” The Chinese dragon did as he was told. Pimp dragon told him, “You’re going to need a charm to protect yourself now. Because if any of these humans chops down one of the trees that make it possible for you to appear in spirit form, then you’ll be killed.” The form of payment consisted of three gold rings. One set with rubies. One set with emeralds. And one set with sapphires.

Later, the son of the family that inherited the estate wanted to leave home. He was tired of his overbearing parents. But while sitting under the Chinese dragon’s “head” tree, the boy spilled some wine at the foot of it. The Chinese dragon spirit appeared and told the boy, “You can do much better than running away from home. I can make you the owner of this estate.” It took years for the promise to be fulfilled, but that’s how I discovered that the Chinese dragon would grant one wish, but only if you gave it some wine first.

I had a hard time choosing between God powers, infinite knowledge, or infinite creativity.


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