Dream involving Dennis the Menace – September 14, 2016

I dreamed I woke up and found myself working in a coffee shop in a city somewhere. It was the morning shift. I didn’t know where anything was, what it was, or how to even do my job. Dennis the Menace came in with his parents, and things went downhill from there. Apparently, Mr. Wilson wanted a coffee wake-up call, and I didn’t know about it. Then Dennis’ father ate some celery and went to the bathroom. Dennis’ mother said the father was allergic to celery; I was to give him a cinnamon apple instead. I couldn’t wait on the father to come out. I had other customers in line. I went to this one man and he asked for some kind of donut coffee. I had no idea where that was either.

I became so frustrated, that I quit my job mid-shift and walked out the door. That’s when I found myself on the sidewalk, surrounded by intimidating marble buildings. I walked down the sidewalk. At a crosswalk, I noticed one man reaching into his suit as he approached a man standing on the opposite corner. I told the guy standing at the corner that I thought the guy approaching him intended to shoot him. But it turned out the second man had just dropped his wallet. I wandered along, and it seemed like the second man was with me for a ways.

We came across the dead body of a young woman slouched against the wall. There was a mark on the wall that looked like three lines meeting in the center. The lines were wavy, An arrow, also in blood, pointed at the dead body. We kept wandering, and we kept finding more and more dead bodies with the same markings on the wall. Most of the dead bodies were of women. I started panicking, so I ran. It felt like the man and I were attacked.

I ran, and I kept seeing Dennis the Menace and his parents everywhere.

I managed to get away.

I soon found myself in a small community walled off with a tall wooden fence. This suburb was where Dennis was supposed to live. Some kids were having serious discussions with adults, especially a police officer. There was a big hole in the fence, which was painted green. The kids didn’t want to talk, because then the “crab people” that lived on the other side of the fence would move them. So I asked for a baseball bat, and we went outside the fence.

The “crab people” looked like miscreant teens. I started clubbing them in the head with my baseball bat. Other teens decided to try doing likewise to me and the other kids. The other kids with me were getting picked off. So I turned into a dragon and barbecued the miscreants.

Having triumphed over the “crab people,” I found myself back in the city. I was near some stairs with the remaining kids from the suburbs. The kids were thrilled, because Santa was landing in his sleigh, something they haven’t seen happen in ages. I picked up a lit candle and carried it in the crowd gathered there. My candle blew out, so I approached a woman sitting on the stairs and re-lit mine with hers. We got to talking, and I found out she was a reporter. She gave me her card, asking me to tell her the story when I was able.

Well, I woke up reciting the story sleepily.


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