Dream about C’thulhu – September 13, 2016


This was by far the creepiest dream I had. Something resembling a microscopic helmet floated down to Earth and landed in some kind of chemical solution. With that and sunlight, the helmet gained mass and grew. The helmet said something about being composed of iron, carbon, and a couple of other common elements that I can’t remember.

When it broke out of the chemical solution, the helmet had grown large enough to levitate. Someone saw the helmet and exclaimed, “Oh my! It’s C’thulhu! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” Just as the helmet was about to clamp down on the person’s head, the person fainted. “How do I get to Denver, CO now?” C’thulhu asked. Someone then told the C’thulhu helmet to just take the freeway.

The C’thulhu helmet had grown large enough to be a UFO. When C’thulhu reached his destination, he joined the armada of other spaceships surrounding Denver. When C’thulhu got there, he started spreading literal seeds of death. These seeds would kill anything and everything they touched. Even soil was left barren. And you didn’t dare go outside, because these purple tendrils of plant would grow up and emit poisonous gas that would kill you.


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