Dream about Powers – September 11, 2016

I was standing around at night with a group of strangers. We were all looking at this underground place. It had stairs leading down, and the entrance was supported by square pillars. Someone dropped a couple of crystal orbs down the stairs. I carried another one down the stairs. A cop yelled at me to stop that. I shouted back that I was just walking. I was furious. I found this tunnel to the left and went through it. Once I was concealed in darkness, I stopped and faced the opening.

Then I found myself in a college classroom. I was angry to find myself here, so I tried willing myself back into that dark tunnel. This tall figure, dressed in a hooded black cloak and with his face covered with a kabuki mask, was manipulating another man like a puppet. The puppet-master made the man bite people in the neck, like what zombies do in today’s zombie flicks.

I found myself back in the classroom. My desk was covered with an assortment of stuff that I didn’t remember taking out of my backpack. One of the objects was a microscope. The instructor, a man, was telling us that we needed to buy a certain scale to measure chemicals for our upcoming chemistry project.

I then found myself obsessing over a big pile of mixed nuts still in their shells. They scattered to the floor. I dug out some large ziplock bags and willed the nuts into them. The last handful or two I picked up and put into a mostly empty bag.

Then this woman barges into the classroom. She goes over to a student on the other side of the room and begins shouting, trying to intimidate the student. I stood up and shouted that she should leave the student alone, that I wasn’t going to let people be bulled. We exchanged heated words, and I tell her to “Bring it on!” She approaches and I tried punching her. She dodges me every time. In a last ditch effort to stop this woman, I summoned tendrils of wire out of the wall. They grab her, and somehow she winds up dead. This terrifies the students so much, that they’re all afraid of me. I sit down and stated that I wasn’t going to allow anyone to be bulled. I started eating some shelled pistachios. I tried shelling something that looked like a fleur-de-lis, but it was spongy when I bit into it.

With the class still terrified of me, I willed the confrontation back to the beginning and did things differently. The second time around, I stayed quiet at my desk. I willed the tendrils of wire around the female bully, and this time, she survives, but is stopped. A male student rushes into the classroom. He gets the attention of a male friend of mine, someone who sat in front of me. The new student tells him that the school was kicking him out for hacking into a college fund and stealing $50. My friend was shocked. And I knew he’d been set up. I had a thought that this occurrence was the consequences for using my powers to stop the bully. As if I didn’t already feel bad enough about my friend being kicked out of college, I watched as the locked metal chemical storage locker had its doors crushed like a tin can. This made me think that my powers were out of control, because I wasn’t trying to do anything at this point.

The scene reset to me looking over at the rest of the classroom. My friend wasn’t there. We had a female instructor now. Near the door, there was a group of six students. Two were sitting in chairs, and one was lying on a desk. All three were nude. To their right, sat two clothed students, posing like they don’t want to look at the nudity. And the last student, sitting off to the side, was drawing a sketch of the nudes.

Then a pair of young ladies walk around the classroom, talking to each student individually. When they reached me, they were talking about “connecting” with other people. Confused by it all, I asked the instructor about the project. She told me that the final project was whatever we wanted it to be.

So I walked to the front of the classroom and spread sand on the instructor’s desk. In front of everyone, I tried willing the sand into a pyramid shape. While I had several failed shaping attempts, I explained about how I had to use the powers on “little” things and told everyone about the consequences of using the powers to help others. One student remarked that my problem was more likely about energy usage. I did manage one perfect pyramid before things went haywire again. When the sand refused to obey my will, it flowed to the ceiling and back down again. Finished with my demonstration, I went back to my desk.


Then a small projection of a carnival barker appeared. He told me that what I had been demonstrating during this dream was just one of 200 powers that he had given me under contract. But he said that I needed to stop using my powers until he had all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. I was to be his main attraction in the end. And he said he was unimpressed with the sand-shaping, that it’s been overdone, and that I’d have to come up with something better for my act.

Thing is, I have no idea what these 200 powers are, nor do I know how to use them. If this carnival barker wants me in his act, I’d better get some instruction on using the darned things and have better control.


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