Memory of a Family Reunion – September 9, 2016


I was just mentioning a dish in a fanfic I’m writing, and it reminded me of my last family reunion.

After my Dad passed away, relatives from Mom’s side of the family invited me to join them for a reunion. I made a dozen ranch deviled-eggs. They’re ranch deviled, because Ranch dressing is in the egg yolks. That’s all, just Ranch dressing mashed up into the yolks and piped back into the egg white shells.

We met in a church venue in the country. There were probably 100 or more of us there. Everyone got along, and it became apparent that racism wasn’t a “thing” on Mom’s side of the family. I remembered some beautiful wood carvings one of the men did. One of those carvings was a solid block of wood that had been carved into a functional interlocking chain.

When we were getting ready to leave, there was only one egg left on my platter. I ate it and took the empty platter home with me. I really enjoyed myself.


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