Dream about the Middle East – September 8, 2016

I found myself in a cafe or restaurant somewhere in the Middle East. There was a man that I was meeting there. I remember seeing a teenage boy at another table. The establishment was mostly empty.

I sat down at a table with the man I was meeting after we put a bag of chicken away in the kitchen. He told me that he was glad I could make it, that it was kind of me to volunteer. Then he heard over the news about a refugee boat that got bombed. This man explained to me that Islamic extremists had bombed it, because of how the event coincided with an Islamic holiday.

I told the man I was there to help, regardless of who was responsible for such atrocities. He thanked me, and then I was told I needed to go to the desk and verify my entry into the country. I pulled out my ticket and gave it and my papers to the woman behind the desk. She verified my identity, and that’s when I woke up.


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