Dream about Cat and Dog Heavens – September 7, 2016

I still remember this dream like I’d had it recently. But I had it some years ago.

I suddenly found myself in a little nick-knack shop, full of plates and such. There was a sweet older lady that was the proprietor. I found my way to the front door and stepped into a narrow road. The plate glass windows to her shop were streaked with age and grime. There were other storefronts along the road I was standing on. I didn’t really investigate the other stores.

I walked a little ways and came to a large backyard with a tree that had been uprooted. Cats were everywhere, each in a sunny spot. They didn’t fight for turf or food. They were all well cared for. The only ones that would “fight” were kittens, and they were only playing.

I saw this one half-grown kitty that had died of a gaping wound to her side. I watched as the wound healed and the kitty became whole again. I was back in the narrow road. The only other human present was the shopkeeper/kitty caretaker.

I wandered a ways in the other direction. This was the place where deceased dogs came to rest. My own old cocker spaniel came to greet me. Everybody, and I do mean everybody that had ever had a dog was there. It was so packed, that you could hardly move.

If I had a preferred “Heaven” to go to when I die, I’d rather be in kitty heaven. It’s much less crowded. And I’d enjoy being with all the kitty fur babies.


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