Thoughts about the “Libtard” Label – August 31, 2016

I can’t say I’ve been called anything else, but I’ve definitely been called a “Libtard.” Allow me to fill you in on this alleged “tard.”

I come from a small town in Texas, with a population of roughly 26,000. I attended public school, with science, history, art, and English being my strongest subjects (math and PE were my weakest). I worked hard to achieve award certificates in high school. 

A case in point: I took Biology as a sophomore. I’d not only make 100s on my tests, I did the extra credit work for more points. Every six weeks, my Biology teacher would have to discard points, because I couldn’t have a grade above 100 on my report card. The year after that, my cousin had that class, and she told me the teacher would talk about his hard working student.

After high school, I attended a junior college. I studied Business Administration. And although I’m not terribly keen on math, I enjoyed Business Math, because it has practical application in real life.

My educational journey wasn’t finished though. After graduation, I attended an undergraduate university in Oklahoma. They had an agreement with Texas, where you could pay in-state tuition, so long as your GPA remained above a 3.0 (I think). At this university, I studied Computer Science. 

I’ll admit I bombed in Analytic Geometry, but I typically made As and Bs, with a C or two, in most of my subjects. I eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

My final stint was in graduate school. I attended a university in Texas this time. Again, my grades were pretty much As and Bs. The Masters degree program in Computer Science had two options: project or thesis. I went the thesis route, focusing on intelligent user interfaces (translation: imagine Windows observing your interactions and changing bits of itself to better meet your individual needs.)

So, yes. This “tard” has a Master of Science in Computet Science. I know logic, and I still remember the basics of programming in spite of the knowledge being outdated.

And yet, for all of my scholastic achievements, I’m of average intelligence. So where does that leave the critics that call me a “Libtard?” I’ll let you be the judge of that.


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