Dreams about Animals – August 16, 2016


Last night’s dream had me in my childhood home. The front door was wide open, and it was nighttime. There were kittens and cats meowing to be let in. Then I noticed a full-grown panther just calmly lying on the porch. There was this feeling that she would like to come in too. She was simply gorgeous. Near the steps, to the left, I noticed a half-grown male lion. He was just as black as the panther. He just wanted to hang out where he was. (The panther is supposed to be my animal guide.)

There was a dream where I met a squirrel. It was very happy and friendly. It came right up to me to say “hi”.

I also had a dream about leprechauns and a kiwi bird. There was this leprechaun baron and a leprechaun prince. Both wanted to woo me. The baron was taller than the prince; shorter stature for leprechauns means  being higher in the social hierarchy. When I wandered down the hill, I met a kiwi bird. It spoke to me. I was surprised, so I asked how it could speak. It replied, “Oh, all animals can talk. We just don’t want to be obvious about it by wearing clothes.”

I have a vague recollection of dreaming about hummingbirds, a dolphin, and I seem to recall a peregrine falcon being “flown” like a kite (it actually flew itself) by a length of yarn from one of its legs.

There was also a dream where this elderly woman lived by herself. She had a cabin in the woods. An army of house cats had gathered outside with the intent to kill her. They were lead by a bobcat.


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