Dreams of Ancient Egypt – August 15, 2016

goddess isis

One of my first dreams about Ancient Egypt involved the goddess Isis having a love affair with another Egyptian goddess. I didn’t recognize the second goddess, although it could have been Ma’at. But what was interesting is that Isis became pregnant with a son from this affair.

Then there was a dream that seemed related to Astrology. I remember being told that not only do the planets each have a deity ruling over them, but so does the solar system, the Galaxy, and so on. And there was this very brief flash of Ancient Egyptian deity depictions in the dream. I do not remember being shown or told who presided over what, other than there was a hierarchy for each “grouping” of celestial bodies.

Last night, I remember the “current Pharaoh” showing me the sarcophagus of his predecessor. I got on hands and knees, worshiping the predecessor as a god, as was the custom in Ancient Egypt. I then spoke with the “current Pharaoh,” suggesting that he could try conquering the known world. The “current Pharaoh” took me to this large relief carving made of black stone that might have been obsidian. There was a carved relief of a Pharaoh’s head, wearing his crown, to the left, and some kind of ancient text flowing around the right side of the carving. This writing wasn’t the religious hieroglyphics. It looked more like cuneiform, or some other writing that would have been known by scribes and other trained elites. I could read the text as easily as English. Though details are vague, the writing mentioned a Pharaoh and a woman. Then the scene changed, and I saw a blonde-haired Roman soldier and his horse. The soldier had a red cloak and he wore chest armor. (I think the dream involving me with Pharaoh could have been a past life, where I was a scribe, since scribes would have been familiar with reading the day-to-day writing used by the educated elites.)


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