Hello, and welcome to my little “home” in  cyberspace.


What You can Expect

You can expect a random selection of dreams, thoughts and memories on this site. Even from an early age, I was regarded as “the misfit”. I was never athletic, and I didn’t “fit” in other people’s idealized world, being imperfect.

So, yes.  I’m strange. And I wouldn’t be surprised about being asked if my dreams are being caused by hallucinogens. I’ve been asked that a lot, especially by people that know me. The thing is, I’ve never needed to take substances to have these dreams.  It’s all coming from an oddly-wired brain.


The Rules

While I did welcome you into my space, I do have rules for responses. I will delete negativity. You might see this as “censorship,” and thus, a violation of First Amendment rights. First of all, this is my site, and I have final say about what will be visible. And secondly, First Amendment rights only refer to government making laws to censor its citizens. It has zilch to do with how individuals interact.


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