Dreams – August 12, 2016

My dream state last night was much like channel surfing.

In my first dream, around 3 a.m., I was riding with my Dad in his truck through this lightly forested area. We drove past deer hunters “hiding” in bushes. It seemed to frustrate the hunters that we were driving through. Then we reached a fenced in area. The middle was a muddied clearing, surrounded by trees. Over to the far left, I saw a buck and several does; I could swear they were whitetail deer. A male bighorn sheep wandered among them. Over to the near right was this ewe, and I swear her wool was actually more like rabbit fur. I got closer to the buck, only for it to look more like an elk. Its antlers were thinner than they should have been. Another buck elk appeared, also with spindly antlers.  I knew that these two were going to start rutting, so I got out of the way real quick. My Dad wished that he had brought his gun, so that he could hunt the deer. Instead, we caught the ewe and took her home with us.

I then had a dream where looters were running rampant throughout the neighborhood. To drive them off, I summoned a lightning storm. After they were gone, I created steel plate armor around the house. Then I thought, “Well, we’re not just looter-proof. We’re also zombie-proof.”

The next dream was at my childhood home. My Dad and my cousin Katherine were there. We were in the laundry room, with the screen door to the backyard wide open. Katherine tried naming off one of her cats, and I couldn’t remember it. Three kittens came romping right into the house, and the mother (a tuxedo cat) was moving around near the concrete slab in the middle of the yard. The problem with having the door open was when my cat, Lucky, slipped outside.  I got her confused with a half-grown black cat, so I picked up each one and found Lucky by weight. It didn’t occur to me to look for her “thumbs”. Next, my attention was drawn to a turtle near the concrete slab. As I got closer, I saw three more. Each one had a hemispherical “hump” on the right side of the shell, near the head. The “hump” resembled a mushroom cap, with alternating light and dark rings. Dad caught my attention; he tried handing me a pocketknife with the blade out. As my hand tried closing, he deliberately dropped it. I was fortunate that my hand closed on air. Then Dad picked up one of the turtles and he dropped it in a fire ant mound. He laughed as the ants killed it. I told Dad, “You’re being evil. I don’t ever want to see you again.” Finally, I went near the side gate, near the western neighbor. There was the ewe, and she’d given birth to a couple of lambs. Then they sort of morphed into rabbits, with the mother having two other pairs of babies.

I then found myself standing on a lawn. This small blue egg, still intact, caught my attention. Then I found another. Next I found three more, partially buried. Then finally, I found this small hole in the grass. Under the grass, there was four more blue eggs, and a peeping chick that had just hatched. I thought, “That’s a strange way to keep eggs warm.”

I also saw an “energy wave” pass over everything. It stripped all gold and silver objects from every area it touched.

In the last dream, the Earth was being invaded by robots from space. The robots worked together. Somehow, I gave each robot a random religion. Those robots that rejected all religious beliefs became Atheists. When the last robot received its belief system, each group of robots fought all of the others. It was quite a show.


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